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by Silke Voigt, illustrated by Silke Voigt,

developed by Emagicbook

Age Range: 4 - 6

A wintry tale about friendship and the snowball effect of wishes come true.

After an exciting day of play in the snow with his brothers, Joey the snow rabbit stares dreamily at the towering fir, wishing he had a Christmas tree of his own. His rather serious friend, the raven, takes it upon himself to make his rabbit friend’s wish come true. With help from readers, he finds the perfect tree and decorates it with myriad lost items he’s discovered in the snowy woods. German author/illustrator Voigt makes a beautiful entrance into the app world with this well-rounded story of Christmas wishes, friends who go the extra mile and the idea that one good turn not only deserves another, but sometimes actually produces more good turns. Readers can facilitate a good-natured snowball fight among Joey and his brothers, twirl the raven in a glorious dance and spin the snow rabbits in celebration of the Christmas tree. Animation and sound effects are varied and imaginative, adding depth to the narration. (Don’t miss the rabbit snores in the den.) Original music enhances the tone and action of the story. The only slight shiver is a lack of signals for the interactive elements. Some are easy enough to find, but others, if missed, can create a rabbit hole in the story.

Still, this watercolor wonderland of a story is a lovely holiday confection. (iPad storybook app. 4-6)

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