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by Top Best Apps for Kids · 2. November 2012

Not long til Christmas now, the children are getting excited and are already writing never-ending wishing lists, everyone’s looking forward to the holidays.

One good reason for us to introduce you to a wonderful pre-christmas app: “Snow Rabbit”. Whilst the kids are waiting for the long days to finally pass, they can spend their time with this great interactive christmas-story app for the iPad.

The author and illustrator Silke Voigt, has not only impressed us with her very first and fantastic story app, but has also hit the children’s taste in stories and apps.

The heartwarming story of Joey and his friend the crow, is presented on 20 lovely illustrated pages. With a lot of creativity and confidence, the crow manages to fulfil his friend – the snow rabbit, one of his biggest wishes, which even impresses all the strollers.

(with the interactive christmas decorations, the kids can also help to decorate the tree)

This storybook app has some really great and fun interactions, which are waiting to be explored. Kids can even throw their own snowballs during a snowball fight – fantastic!

We also want to praise the awesome voice and audio response of this story app and the terrific atmosphere, which is given throughout this story. Whilst playing around with the interactions of this kids app, the children can also discover some wonderful christmassy sounds and sound effects.

There’s a lot more hidden in this fantastic christmas app. Once the kids have read most of the story, they come across a delightful snowman-game, where they can arrange snow balls and make funny looking snowmen, or snowbunnies and snowcrows more like – excellent fun and entertainment!

The text font can be read easily and is aimed at pre-schoolers, which is why we recommend this app for toddlers and kids aged 4-6+.

This kids app is perfect for the cold and dark days ahead of us all and really makes the kids look forward to christmas and the holidays, filled with many surprises.

top best apps for kids rating: 5 stars

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